Indigenous People Online - an MA thesis

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Social Anthropology

University of Basel
Questionnaire (non-functional copy)

This questionnaire is geared towards webmasters of Native-run websites, because I would like to get some authentic voices to supplement the mostly academic, non-Native resources used in my thesis. Please answer in as many (or as few) words as you like. If there's a problem with the form or if you prefer to email me, feel free to

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directly. Deadline for inclusion in my thesis is June 9, 2006.

1. Name or pseudonym:
2. Email address:
3. Location:
4. Profession:
5. Tribal affiliation:
6. For how long have you been active on the Internet and what do you use it for?

7. Website name:
8. Website url:
9. Open since:
10. Type and purpose of your site:
11. Intended audience: Approximately how many visitors does your site have? Who are they?

12. What were your reasons for the creation of the site? (political representation, cultural representation, social organization, etc)
13. Who decided to create this website? How did the decision happen?
14. What role does the Internet play for Native Americans?
15. How do you see the future of Native Americans on the Internet?

16. Any more suggestions or comments?

17. Do you want a copy of my thesis once it is finished and accepted?
- Yes
- No